Author: chad

  • Skärgården


    chad eby Skärgården (The Archipelago) Skärgården re-imagines cold war paranoia in the Stockholm archipelago in light and sound. These rocky islands serve both as the city’s summer playground and, since Viking times, as a defensive maze guarding the sea approach to Stockholm. In the 70s and 80s, worries about encroaching soviet submarines and electronic warfare sparked…

  • With dance is sedative dogsbody. No blame.

    With dance is sedative dogsbody. No blame.

    chad eby With dance is sedative dogsbody. No blame. This piece is a textual meditation on meaning and obfuscation. A mash-up between nonsense emails meant to poison Bayesian spam filters and commentary from the I-Ching, the piece presents a shifting wordscape teetering on the brink of sense. Tune in by scanning for open WiFi access…

  • I am RenderBot

    I am RenderBot



    chad eby I am RenderBot (I dream pixels) A networked autonomous art machine consisting of a Raspberry Pi 3 with Blender and Python scripting. Every two hours, at fifteen minutes after the hour, the little bot posts the most recently generated image to its own account on Twitter. Currently, @IamRenderBot is creating reticulated biomorphic forms…

  • Experimental Renders

    Experimental Renders

    chad eby Experimental Renders Recent visual experiments with 3D modeling and rendering, often involving procedural or generative geometric elements (and or letterforms) combined with intense physical simulation of light and surface interaction.  Most of these images were produced with free and open source software, including Blender (with its venerable Cycles rendering engine), MeshLab and Wings 3D.…

  • Color Box

    Color Box

    chad eby Color Box This project grew out of my experience teaching beginning design students who had been through a traditional color class and seemed to have no intuitive sense of the digital representation of color. The device has three sliders and a toggle switch: in RGB mode, each slider represents proportions of red, green…

  • Motion


    chad eby Motion 3D animation and motion graphics using a primarily open source toolkit. I am particularly interested in synthetic light and procedural / generative modeling. motion Media: digital rendering Year: 2015-2018 still frame Instagram Linkedin © 2018 chad eby

  • Subdivision Surfaces

    Subdivision Surfaces

    chad eby Subdivision Surfaces A collaboration with Stefan Petranek and Herron students to produce a series of digital prints as a commission for a biomedical research facility. Subdivision surface modeling is a type of 3D form creation that begins with a primitive geometric mesh, the polygonal faces of which are then iteratively subdivided and refined…

  • Antinodal


    chad eby Antinodal This piece, part of Primary Colours’ Installation Nation is a participatory listening piece where people can experience the ambient soundscape filtered by polycarbonate tubes into a pleasant drone. The tubes are cut to lengths that resonate at frequencies tuned to the pentatonic scale–so that by placing different tubes to each ear, various…

  • Phlogiston


    chad eby PHLOGISTON PHLOGISTON is an ever-changing minimalist generative video piece using strategies of drunk walks, logical operators and cellular automata rules to produce a lively monochromatic tiled bitscape.  The title of the piece refers to an 18th century notion of a combustible substance that was thought to exist in flammable materials. In this work,…

  • Semantic Light

    Semantic Light

    chad eby Semantic Light My role as part of a small team at KTH and LivingNetworks provided me an opportunity to work with talented entrepreneurs, scientists and developers to imagine and create new experiences related to mobile devices. Much of that activity was focused on Semantic Light, smart lighting that is human-, task- and context…