Skärgården (The Archipelago)

Skärgården re-imagines cold war paranoia in the Stockholm archipelago in light and sound.

These rocky islands serve both as the city’s summer playground and, since Viking times, as a defensive maze guarding the sea approach to Stockholm. In the 70s and 80s, worries about encroaching soviet submarines and electronic warfare sparked public controversy leading to the creation of secret military installations in the islands, and even live fire incidents with depth charges being deployed against the possibly imaginary invaders.

The heart of this art installation is a self-organizing wireless mesh network that alludes to Sweden’s early lead in wireless technology with node behavior that mirrors aspects of both the isolation and cooperation of an interconnected system of separate parts.

This work made possible by the Frank C. Springer Family Innovative Faculty Award.

digital fabrication / networked object
Media: microcontrollers, plywood, 3D prints
Dimensions: variable
Year: 2017-2018
A node in the net

© 2018 chad eby

With dance is sedative dogsbody. No blame.

With dance is sedative dogsbody. No blame.

This piece is a textual meditation on meaning and obfuscation. A mash-up between nonsense emails meant to poison Bayesian spam filters and commentary from the I-Ching, the piece presents a shifting wordscape teetering on the brink of sense.

Tune in by scanning for open WiFi access points on your mobile device.​

networked object
Year: 2018
Exhibition view

© 2018 chad eby