Month: March 2018

  • Experimental Renders

    Experimental Renders

    chad eby Experimental Renders Recent visual experiments with 3D modeling and rendering, often involving procedural or generative geometric elements (and or letterforms) combined with intense physical simulation of light and surface interaction.  Most of these images were produced with free and open source software, including Blender (with its venerable Cycles rendering engine), MeshLab and Wings 3D.…

  • Color Box

    Color Box

    chad eby Color Box This project grew out of my experience teaching beginning design students who had been through a traditional color class and seemed to have no intuitive sense of the digital representation of color. The device has three sliders and a toggle switch: in RGB mode, each slider represents proportions of red, green…

  • Motion


    chad eby Motion 3D animation and motion graphics using a primarily open source toolkit. I am particularly interested in synthetic light and procedural / generative modeling. motion Media: digital rendering Year: 2015-2018 still frame Instagram Linkedin © 2018 chad eby