Subdivision Surfaces

A collaboration with Stefan Petranek and Herron students to produce a series of digital prints as a commission for a biomedical research facility.

Subdivision surface modeling is a type of 3D form creation that begins with a primitive geometric mesh, the polygonal faces of which are then iteratively subdivided and refined into progressively more complex and organic forms. The objects derived from this process tend to conserve volume while minimizing surface area; a feature common to very small organisms such as diatoms.

Each piece shows a snapshot of the progressive iteration of
form from planar cage to complex organic figure. The prints are meant to convey the notion of progressive refinement, the positive power of iterative processes and the complex relationships between technology and nature.

digital print
Media: large format ink-jet on aluminum
Dimensions: 79cm x 79cm
Year: 2017
Still under wraps

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