IMA Minigolf

These two holes were featured as part of the Indiana Museum of Art’s artist-designed miniature golf courses for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Curated by Scott Stulen + Tom Loftus and Robin Schwartzman (aka A Couple of Putts), these open air interactive exhibits were enjoyed by tens of thousands of IMA visitors.

Massacre made no impression on their countless numbers...

The Shadow-Tailed Scourge hole (designed for 2016 and held over for the 2017 season) is a playful send-up of an historic squirrel invasion: In the fall of 1822, a westward migration of squirrels across the state of Indiana decimated crops and caused immeasurable damage to farmland. Many farmers lost whole cornfields to the freakish plague of squirrels.

I didn't choose the pond life; the pond life chose me...

Pond Life imagines a Paramecium Caudata grown to monstrous size. Paramecia, from the kingdom Protista, are extremely common single-celled organisms found in fresh and salt water environments all over the world. In the wild, paramecia rarely grow longer than .25mm. This specimen, at nearly ten feet long, is over 1200 times larger. At the scale of a more typical paramecium, the Alliance Sculpture Court would be only two inches long, and the entire IMA would fit in the palm of your hand!

The squirrels in production

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