America is Very Wide

That was something my host-mother used to say to indicate that anything was possible. She believed in UFOs—not in Japan—but in the U.S., because “America is very wide…” This piece uses ambisonic spatial audio to imagine a room large enough to contain all fifty United States and to place a speaker at each state capital, enthusiastically reciting the state’s tourism slogan (Idaho: “Great potatoes, tasty destinations.”) while the listener is virtually located at a location about 14 miles west of Lebanon, KS. The voice from each state capital is both directional and modulated by distance (Honolulu is barely a whisper), so that a sonic map begins to form around the listener. First staged in 2005, the piece was reprised with more accurately computed audio in 2012.
sound installation
Media: eight-channel ambisonic audio
Dimensions: highly variable
Year: 2005 / 2008
Determining coordinates

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