Intonarumori 2.0

Intonarumori 2.0 is a digital reinterpretation of the Italian Fututrist Luigi Russolo’s Intonarumori noise instruments. As in the original, a hand-crank is turned on the back of the boxy device to produce noises from the front. In this updated version, six levers are added, each corresponding to:

By turning the crank and manipulating the levers, an orchestra of noise may be produced.

“Let us cross a great modern capital with our ears more alert than our eyes and we will get enjoyment from distinguishing the eddying of water, air and gas in metal pipes, the grumbling noises that breathe and pulse with indisputable animility, the palpitation of waves, the coming and going of pistons, the howl of mechanical saws, the jolting of the tram on its rails, the cracking of whips, the flapping of curtains and flags.”

As exhibited at UWF

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