University Courses Taught

Fall 2006-Spring 2018

Florida State University (2006–2012)

At FSU, I was posted in the graphic design area of the College of Visual Arts, Theater and Dance and regularly taught the Design History and Theory course as well as BFA Seminar and MFA Thesis. In addition, I developed and taught a number of undergraduate and graduate “advanced workshop” classes with topics ranging from sound art and digital making to critical theory and experimental video.

The Herron School of Art + Design at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (2015– )

At IUPUI, I currently teach in the Visual Communications department within the Herron School of Art + Design. I enjoy working with all students, both VCD and Fine Art…from sophomores just entering the program, to MFA candidates conducting their thesis research.

Course NumberCourse TitleDate TaughtDescription
HER-Y 210Designing for Hybrid Spaces2018 SpringDigital fabrication, coding, electronics
HER-V 411Visual Research2018 SpringIndependent Study, 3D rendering
HER-V 420VC6: Senior Studio2018 SpringPortfolio, self-branding
HER-V 692Thesis Writing II2018 SpringMFA thesis
HER-V 693Thesis Studio II2018 SpringMFA exhibition
HER-V 214History of Design2017 FallVisual communication since 1850
HER-V 201Making Meaning2017 FallVisual semiotics
HER-V 420VC6: Senior Studio2017 SpringPortfolio, self-branding
HER-V 500Special Topics2017 SpringIndependent Study, interactive installation
HER-V 692Thesis Writing II2017 SpringMFA thesis
HER-V 693Thesis Studio II2017 SpringMFA exhibition
HER-V 210Designing for Hybrid Spaces2016 FallDigital fabrication, coding, electronics
HER-V 214History of Design2016 FallVisual communication since 1850
HER-A 507Rotating Topics2016 FallDigital fabrication
HER-V 690Thesis Writing I2016 FallMFA thesis
HER-V 691Thesis Studio I2016 FallMFA thesis
HER-V 420VC6: Senior Studio2016 SpringPortfolio, self-branding
HER-V 503Independent Study2016 Spring3D modeling / rendering
HER-V 692Thesis Writing II2016 SpringMFA thesis
HER-V 214History of Design2015 FallVisual communication since 1850
HER-V 502Intro to Human Factors2015 FallHuman factors for design
HER-V 690Thesis Writing I2015 FallMFA thesis

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